Holiday on a farm in Brazil


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It is recommendable to stay two, three or four weeks. Then you have time to take part in the farm life and to explore the region. Also longer stays are of course possible.

For one night the price will be from 30.00 Euro. Depending on the duration of the stay and the season discounts will be offered. Please ask us. Half-board will be charged with 10.00 Euro, full-board with 15.00 Euro.

You will be accommodated in simple but tidy rooms. Private sphere of the guests is guaranteed. On the other hand guests will take part in the farm life, similar to the concept of agrotourism.

Full-board includes typical meals, i.e. breakfast with tee or coffee, bread, pastries, etc., a hot lunch (e.g. with rice, meet and vegetables) and a cold or hot dinner. Non-alcoholic beverages (water, juices) are included. Opting for half-board, the lunch will be omitted.

The fazenda does not uphold a hotel standard. The lodge is simple but cozy.